Client Testimonials

I Highly Recommend Her!

“I have worked with Mrs. Chauncey on several occasions and she is an awesome Attorney. I was impressed how quickly she responded to my questions and kept me informed at all times. Her experience is obvious and demonstrated, as she gets the job done proficiently and does not let anything fall through the cracks. Her staff works hard for this super lawyer! I highly recommend her.”

– A Satisfied Client

Finance Director

“Professional, friendly and courteous. Foreclosures are timely and always updated on status of cases. Have always given her several files at once, never phases her, she is capable of keeping separate and timely with filings and court dates. Posting to me of where we stand with searches, answering my questions, always informative and polite. Will always choose Rose for foreclosures over all others in North Florida!!”

– Candy

Honest And Dependable Attorney!

“I hired Mrs. Chauncey to help with a complicated case, not only did she go above and beyond to make everything easy for us but she stayed in contact with us during the process. Always returned phone calls and very nice and courteous! Highly highly recommend her office!!!”

– A Satisfied Client

The Best Lawyer In Lake City Hands Down

“Being a real estate professional, I have struggled finding an upfront, direct lawyer to get the job done. I had a client under contract and a probate issue came up with closing only two weeks out. Rose Chauncey came and saved the deal! She is truly the best. I will be bringing all my deals to Rose. Highly Recommend.”

– Matthew

Amazing Support And Attention To Detail!

“Handling estate issues can be a daunting task when a relative passes away. In my case, I lived many states away and didn’t have any experience with these kinds of issues. I also had a new baby which left me with little time and feeling overwhelmed. Rose Chauncey went above and beyond to not only walk me through the process, but to also handle every little detail. She even went above and beyond by doing some of the legwork to fulfill some of the estate needs in town since I couldn’t travel. She was also very quick to respond to any questions I had or if I needed some advice on how to do something. The overall experience was amazing. I WISH she lived in my town/state so she could handle ALL of my legal needs! She was so easy and friendly to work with and completely thorough and detail-oriented.”

– Tammy

Would Recommend Him!

“I was a first offender in a felony drug case. I called around looking for lawyers and Mr. Chauncey seemed to be the most knowledgeable, professional and affordable. I was from out of state and Mr. Chauncey handled everything for me, while keeping me informed. He told me exactly what I needed to obtain in order to make myself look good for the judge (i.e. clean drug test, letters of recommendations, college transcripts, etc.). My case was finalized when Mr. Chauncey made a plea bargain with the DA. I ended up with no conviction and some fines, but considering the circumstances, I was very pleased with this outcome. Even after my case had been closed for months, I was able to contact Mr. Chauncey and ask him questions regarding my upcoming background check. He did not hesitate to help. I would recommend him as a lawyer to anyone in the Suwannee County area.”

– A Satisfied Client

Thank You Very Much For All Your Help And Making The Process So Painless

“My teenage son made a bad decision last Fall in October 2017 while attending a music festival. His mistake was very serious and I did not know where to begin to get legal support. One phone call to the Chauncey Law Firm and I was no longer lost on how to help my son get out of the mess he got himself into. Every penny I spent was well worth it for the final outcome in the matter and I could not have done it without Anthony Chauncey and his law firm. We are both indebted to them for life. Thank you very much for all your help and making the process so painless.”

– Daniel


“We hired Tony for bankruptcy. He was considerate, answered my multitude of questions and readily available. He explained things in layman terms and was very honest. Highly recommended.”

– Amy

Very Knowledgeable

“Being elderly and recently widowed, with debts piling up Mr. Chauncey was able to help me keep our family farm and structure my debt into a manageable payment plan using a Chapter 12 restructuring. He let me know how things would go every step of the way, helping allay my fears that I would lose everything I own.”

– Ann

Very Professional

“Bankruptcy is not something I think anyone is comfortable with. Attorney Chauncey was very professional, understanding and most of all treated us with respect. Attorney Chauncey and his staff are always available to answer any questions. They are dedicated and knowledgeable in seeing you through to the end. We appreciate all the help he has given us.”

– Don

Chauncey Law Firm

“Mr. Chauncey was very kind, explained all my options and helped me to come up with a plan best for me. His staff is very nice I would highly recommend.”

– Tina

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

“Mr. Chauncey is an extremely kind, understanding, compassionate person. Mr. Chauncey handled my case with exceptional knowledge leaving me with no worries nor concerns as to losing my home. Mr. Chauncey was just a phone call away if ever I had a question reference my case. He and his staff are extremely courteous and professional making one feel completely assured that he will do all that is humanly possible to make sure that the courts work in favor of his client. I highly recommend Mr. Chauncey for all of your legal needs. Can’t go wrong with the best.”

– A Satisfied Client

Knowledge, Dedication And Integrity

“Our family was referred to Mr. Chauncey by another lawyer, who said that Mr. Chauncey was the “best in the area” for bankruptcy cases. Mr. Chauncey did not disappoint us. Just as important, he is a man of respect and integrity, and he never failed to convey those values.

I would recommend his services to anyone seeking aid in the areas of his specialties.”

– E.K.B.


“Mr. Chauncey handled my case in a swift, professional and fair manner. I would definitely recommend him.”

– A Satisfied Client

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

“We were referred to The Chauncey Law firm regarding a complicated Chapter 12 case. Tony is very professional, explained all of our options and kept us informed throughout the entire process. Tony always answers phone calls and continues to be available anytime we have questions. I highly recommend Tony & his firm for all legal needs.”

– W.K.H.

Exceeded Expectations !!!!

“This Lawyer was recommended to us by a friend of mine in the Estate/Probate area. She exceeded our expectations and fulfilled our outcome. She kept us in the loop with phone calls and meetings. She listened to our concerns and guided us to our destination. We are now looking to have her do our will. She is very insightful in her area and very good at foreseeing outcomes of responding. Thank you Rose Decker Chauncey for representing us !!!”

– A Satisfied Client

Final Preparations

“Mrs. Chauncey advised us concerning final preparations for my mother who was in a nursing home. She told us how to spend money in ways that were acceptable if Medicaid had been necessary. She was a tremendous help during a difficult time.”

– Debbie

Professional, Efficient and Trustworthy

“I got stuck in a probate case and knew I needed a lawyer. I went and spoke to Rose; she carefully explained the options available to me so I immediately hired her. Rose is diligent in devoting her experience and expertise towards her clients and kept me updated with my case when changes occurred.

I would highly recommend Rose Decker Chauncey as she is a true professional, very competent and motivated to excel.”

– Kimberly

Guardianship and Probate

“Rosie did an excellent job of sorting through 7 years of information to present my case to the court in an organized and efficient manner. Through her knowledge of wills, guardianship issues, and probate, Rosie resolved this seemingling insurmountable problem in a timely manner. Her kind and encouraging words were greatly appreciated as well.”

– Aileen

Wonderful Experience

“Took complete charge of my case. He left me nothing to worry about and made sure the court system worked for me.”

– John McDaniel

Excellent Service!

“Rosie helped my grandmother with her estate and I couldn’t be happier with her service. She is knowledgeable and friendly and very professional. We were really overwhelmed and she put us at ease and took care of everything. I highly recommend her!”

– Steven

Incredible Attorney

“Mrs. Chauncey helped me tremendously with my legal matter. She assisted me with issues that seemed daunting to me at first and with her knowledge, attention to detail, and relentless time and effort, I was put at ease. I knew I was in good hands and had someone beyond capable assisting me. I am so grateful for the favorable resolution she achieved for me and would entrust any legal matter to her.”

– JS

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

“Mr. Chauncey is a kind and compassionate person. When my family was experiencing very difficult times due to medical reasons, Mr. Chauncey was available to help. He understood our situation, answered our questions and helped us navigate through our problems. We were very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Mr. Chauncey to anyone needing legal advice. He is a good person with good values.”

– S.M.L.

Helpful, Knowledgeable, Patient Attorney

“Mr. Chauncey was a pleasure to work with during our Chapter 12 bankruptcy case. He was so patient answering all of my questions and making sure he walked us through the process every step of the way. He worked hard at getting us the best possible outcome we could have had.”

– Kristen

Very Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

“When faced with a very stressful situation, (filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy for our business & filing Chapter 13 personally), Mr. Chauncey was very direct and open about options and solutions. He understands bankruptcy law and how to handle the challenges that pop up. Anytime I had questions or concerns he was available to answer via phone or email. I am very happy with the positive outcome of both cases & would not hesitate to use Mr. Chauncey for any other attorney needs in the future.”

– A Satisfied Client

Criminal Defense

“My son was arrested with a felony drug charge for a pill in his pocket at a concert. Mr. Chauncey was very helpful. He was easy to deal with and explained everything to us. I was very pleased that he was able to get the case resolved with a PTI, even though my son was probably not eligible. I felt at ease knowing Mr. Chauncey was working for us and I didn’t have to do anything. One happy Mom with the results!”

– Carolyn

Pleasure To Work With

“Tony as an absolute pleasure to work with, he was patient and very helpful. Mr. Chauncey helped me when I got a speeding ticket and was unaware that just paying it would add points to my license. He helped me draft a letter to the Judge asking that Adjudication be withheld and the points be removed from my license. The judge accepted my letter and the matter was resolved. If there is ever a need, I will use Mr. Chauncey’s services again.”

– A Satisfied Client

Got The Job Done

“Tony was understanding and responsive to help produce a good outcome. He and his staff are professional, and bottom line get the job done. “

– DJ

Fantastic Service, Support, And Result!

“Tony was a pleasure to work with! He was very knowledgeable, patient, and explained everything to me simply and effectively. Most importantly, Tony was consistently available throughout the entire process which made me feel fully supported in my legal challenges. Tony successfully achieved the best possible result for my case and I would recommend to anyone seeking council in the State of Florida.”

– Paul

Job Well Done

“Mr. Chauncey did great in taking care of my case. I am from out of state and never had to return. He took care of everything without any hassle and my case was completed in less than a year. Highly recommended!”

– Jake

Prompt, Patient, And Courteous

“I was charged with two felonies (A drug poss. and a violent felony) in Live Oak, FL but live out of state, making it extra important for the lawyer I work with to keep me informed. I’m exceedingly thankful I chose to work with Anthony Chauncey as he was very aware of my level of anxiety over the proceedings and happily talked me through each step of my case, patiently addressing my concerns. He was able to work with the prosecutor and secure me a deal far, far better than the original plea deal. The arrest was in 2014 and now I can happily say, thanks to Anthony, I am out from under it all. I highly suggest Anthony to anyone with criminal defense needs in Florida.”

– John

Caring And Professional

“Mr. Chauncey truly cares about his clients. While my husband and I were going through financial difficulties he was empathetic and professional. He was thorough in informing us about the entire process, and always available when we had any questions. We are so thankful for his assistance and invaluable commitment to us as his clients. It is so important to have a good relationship with your attorney, and we had that and much more. If we ever need any legal help we know wher we will go!!”

– Matthew


“Mr. Chauncey was our bankruptcy attorney. He assisted us with the entire process, all the while keeping us informed as to what was happening and what to expect. He is extremely knowledgeable, and professional. We love him, and would recommend him to anyone who is having financial difficulty. He is the best.”

– A Satisfied Client

Chapter 11 Client 2011

“Mr. Chauncey did an exceptional job from beginning to end handling my case. Tony made us feel comfortable throughout the process and watched over details like a pro. He made sure we were informed and was even willing to communicate over weekends when needed. Most importantly he made sure all matters were resolved through completion.”

– A Satisfied Client

One Of The Best

“Tony was very good at communicating with me before and during bankruptcy, he and his staff answered all my questions without hesitation. Tony worked very hard to make sure I was happy with the direction my bankruptcy was going, If I had a problem I wasn’t sure about he helped me. Tony understands life and business along with all the problems that goes with them and works with you to resolve them. I strongly believe he is one of the best if not the best in the business and I would recommend him to anyone.”

– A Satisfied Client

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Expert

“Bankruptcy is never an easy decision. Finding an attorney that understands IT is easy, finding an attorney who understands YOUR particular situation is difficult. If you want excellent representation choose Tony. Professional, with just the right amount of bite behind his bark, you will be satisfied with the outcome in whatever area law you need. I highly recommend the Chauncey Law Firm.”

– Jason

Fantastic Attorney All Around

“Mr. Chauncey was everything I was looking for in representation. He was constantly prepared and extremely responsive to all calls, and emails. Mr. Chauncey was very professional in all of our dealings. During a very difficult time in my life, Mr. Chauncey and his staff provided guidance, compassion and support and ultimately achieved an amazing result for my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Chauncey to any of my friends or family. I would not consider hiring any other lawyer in the future, should I ever need one again.”

– A Satisfied Client