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The attorneys at The Chauncey Law Firm have served clients in the North Florida area since 2007. With offices located in Live Oak, Lake City and Jacksonville, Florida, our firm handles matters in state and federal courts throughout the North Florida area, while maintaining our hometown commitment to serving our clients’ needs in Florida’s Third Judicial Circuit, which includes Suwannee, Columbia, Lafayette, Hamilton, Madison, Taylor and Dixie Counties. Our firm is committed to providing quality, ethical, cost-effective, and personalized legal service to our clients.

The scope of our firm’s practice includes matters relating to bankruptcy, foreclosure and deficiency judgment proceedings, criminal defense, record seal/expunge, traffic citations, personal injury, estate planning and probate administration, family law and guardianships. We are competitive and zealous advocates focused on the expectations and goals of our clients. Contact us to make an appointment and let us help you with your legal more

Expert Legal: Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Estates & More | The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A.

As experienced attorneys, partners in law, and partners in life, Tony and Rosie Chauncey of The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A., are committed to their Northern Florida clients and this close-knit family community they call home. They understand the importance of taking care of your business and personal interests, and protecting your family, and they have the legal expertise and experience to handle all legal matters that are important to you. As a fixture of the Northern Florida area for years, The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A., has helped many clients, families and individuals like you with every kind of legal issue imaginable. From bankruptcy, to foreclosure and deficiency judgment proceedings, criminal defense, record seal/expungement procedures, to basic traffic citations, personal injury, probate administration and estate planning, wills, family law, guardianships, and more, The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A. is there for you.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Live Oak, FL | The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A.

The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A. can handle your every legal need. As your criminal defense attorney in Live Oak, FL, Tony and Rosie Chauncey are there when you need them. And when you or a loved one are facing a criminal charge or have been arrested, there is an urgent need. Criminal convictions can carry stiff penalties from heavy fines and fees to possible prison time, but they can also cause family problems, ruin relationships (business and personal), and destroy reputations. When you’re charged or arrested, you need a criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and skill to build your defense with a solid foundation, one that will either get your case dismissed or stand up in court to demonstrate that you are innocent and should be acquitted. Any attorney with a law degree can put forth a defense, but when your freedom and reputation is on the line do you want just any attorney? The answer is no. You want a criminal defense attorney with a track record of success, dismissals and acquittals—favorable outcomes for clients. In Live Oak, FL, when the legal matter is important and there is no room for error, people turn to The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A. to get results!

Bankruptcy Attorney in Live Oak, FL | The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A.

If you’re facing insurmountable debt and feeling the anxiety and pressure that comes with financial insolvency, bankruptcy can be a great option. While many people think of bankruptcy as a last resort, this is not the best way to view it. Bankruptcy can be an option to find immediate relief for an individual living alone, or a financial breadwinner who needs to consider the care and comfort of her or his family. Many people suffer for too long in the needless pain and misery of poverty that sometimes can be relieved by a bankruptcy proceeding. In a bankruptcy, debt can sometimes be discarded or a sensible payment plan can be established—one that you can handle and doesn’t feel crushing. Whether you’re in Live Oak, FL, or another area across Northern Florida, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help settle your affairs and get you on a new path to recovery.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Live Oak, FL | The Procedures

Bankruptcy cases are handled in the federal courts and governed by rules outlined in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. There are many and various types of bankruptcies and an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Live Oak, FL can help you decide which would be best for your situation. As an individual you have the option to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and which one you file will be directly dependent upon your personal situation and affairs. Cities, towns, taxing districts, villages, etc. (municipalities) typically file Chapter 9. Businesses may choose to file Chapter 7 if they intend to liquidate, or a Chapter 11 if they want to reorganize and continue their business. Family farmers, fishermen, etc. can seek help through a Chapter 12. And a bankruptcy with parties from different countries or multiple countries would be a Chapter 15 filing. Whatever your need, whatever type of bankruptcy, and regardless of who is involved, The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A. is your bankruptcy attorney in Live Oak, FL.

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Probate, Wills, And Estates Attorney, Live Oak, FL | The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A.

Planning for your future is critical. No one knows when their time is coming, and if you pass without an estate plan in place, important decisions about your family and finances may be left to the court to decide. When someone passes without a will in place, this is referred to as intestate. There are laws in place to govern what happens when someone dies intestate. But many assets aren’t divvied by a will even if there is one in place. For example, life insurance proceeds; real estate; various bank accounts; other assets held in joint tenancy, tenancy by the entirety, or any community property with a right of survivorship; any property that is held in a living trust—all would need to be dealt with because a will doesn’t pass these kinds of assets. These are but just a few of the types of assets that are not passed by a will so it is advisable to consult with an experienced probate, wills, and estates attorney in Live Oak, FL. The probate process shall prove the will in court, but the mountain of work that follows dividing assets and settling affairs is formidable. You owe it to yourself for your peace of mind, and to your family for their care and protection, to prepare a plan in advance for that day. And The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A. is there for you. Let us be your probate, wills, and estates attorney in Live Oak, FL. Protect your future; protect your family. We can help.

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